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The Village Hall can be hired by groups or by individuals. It’s used by regular clubs and for charity events, social get-togethers, parties and wedding receptions.

The Hall is entirely funded by the people, groups and events that use it, and preference is given to regular groups and Inkpen residents.

Hiring The Hall 


The first step to hire the Hall is to give contact details and to complete a hire form. A deposit of £200 will be required for private parties which is refundable after the hall has been checked following the event.

Private hire costs £15 per hour or part of.
This includes setting up and clearing up time.
eg. 11.30am to 14.30pm = 4hrs at £15 per hour.


Payment would be by cheque or bank transfer. 

A bank transfer would be preferred if possible. Payment details are:

Cheque: payable to “Inkpen Village Hall”

Bank tranfer:  TSB Plc, Hungerford
Sort Code: 30-94-46  Account No: 00070183


As noted above there’s also a deposit of £200. Deposit payment would be by cheque which will be destroyed or returned after the hall has been checked.

Hall hire can only be confirmed after payment and deposits are received.

Please following the How to Book link and checklist here....

Special Hire Charges & Marquee
Projector Hire


We also have a range of charges for special circumstance – such as setting up new groups – and for hire of other facilities such as the Marquee. This range is listed in the table. Please note that we no longer hire out Tables and Chairs.

Hire Fees:

Inkpen Organisations (not for profit)


Regular hire (weekly or monthly)

£15 per session for up to 3 hours
(extra hours at £5 per hour)

New Groups (introduction rate)

£2 per person per session for up to 3 hours for first 6th months to establish club/group

Organisations (run as businesses)
eg Pilates, Yoga etc

£15 per session
for up to 1.5 hours
(extra hours at £5 per hour)

Full Day Rate (Inkpen Residents)
£80 per day 9am to 5pm

Private & Commercial Hire
£15 per hour

Weekend Wedding Package?
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Low rate
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